How it works

The Puffling platform helps you find your perfect job share partner then go for a full time role together. It's kinda like match-making, only everyone's really busy balancing brand guidelines with school runs.


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Fill in your details and our software will suggest suitable job share candidates.


Find your perfect partner

Message like minded candidates on the site.


Meet your partner in person

Arrange to meet over a coffee (or wine!) and see if you click!


Interview for jobs together

Once you have found your perfect partner, apply for pre-vetted jobshare roles as a pair.

Puffling is currently working in these industries









Office Support

Puffling is designed for businesses of all sizes

Double the experience

Our pairs have solved double the number of problems on twice as many brands.

Support gender diversity

Puffling is a tangible way to support gender diversity in your business.

Lower recruitment fee

We use innovative technology to keep our fees lower than standard industry rates.

Harness the power of mums

Mums don’t mess about. No long coffee breaks, just super focused results.

Reduce holiday headache

Never worry about holiday cover again. There will always be someone holding fort.

More qualified candidates

Our candidates are some of the most qualified, yet under utilised in the business.

Puffling is designed for Mums

Pair with a trusted partner

Puffling helps you find the perfect job sharing partner that has your back.

Find more job opportunities

Part time roles are hard to find. That’s why Puffling pairs get more job offers.

Progress in your career

Don’t take a step backwards after maternity leave.

Command a deserved salary

No more pay cuts. With Puffling you get paid for your experience.

Work / life balance

Get a job with the flexibility you need, without compromising your career.

Build your confidence

Returning to work can be daunting. It’s so much easier doing it together.