Let's start by getting something out in the open.

We're not actually recruiters.

However, we are very passionate about reshaping the future of work.

We're also great at sourcing fabulous talent and connecting our Pufflings with businesses.

Puffling came to life because we wholeheartedly believe that hiring methods are changing. Unfortunately, flexible career options at a senior level are still too rare.

Puffling is not a 'mum thing'. Although, Goldman Sachs has previously coined GenX mothers 'Australia's Hidden Resource'. We do proudly attract a lot of senior female talent, many returning to work after having children but many also wanting to spend more time with the demands of school age children.

We've looked deeply into the stigmas surrounding Job Share and the problems employers and employees face when navigating around part-time roles. Job share is our secret sauce, but we support all flexible work, for working parents as well as other circumstances and life stages which require an alternative to being in an office 60+ hours a week.


Pufflings (baby Pufflins) form long-term bonds as pairs. Both parents share care of their egg and chicks.

Multi-tasking is their thing. They also fly at crazy speeds.

Our Story

Puffling was created by three digital and marketing executives who shared similar stories.

All three had spent 15+ years in careers they loved;

Mike as a CEO of a digital agency.

Lija as a CMO, working with some of Australia's biggest budgets and brands.

Sarah as the Director of Client Services for agencies across Sydney and London.

They all found themselves juggling and struggling to maintain seniority and salary in their chosen careers without missing out entirely on the early years with their young families.

Lija's background in building digital marketplace businesses, with 8 years in the online dating world, inspired the team to interrogate ideas of matching talent. Part-time at a senior level was hard work for businesses and employees, but what if senior candidates could match themselves to to form superstar job pairs ?

When done well, job share will change the future of work, increasing diversity and equality at all levels.

Puffling now offers organisations and candidates access to a range of flexible work solutions.


We're not alone in our passion for flexible work. 82% of Aussie employees surveyed would take greater flexibility over a pay rise.

The Founders

Lija Wilson
Lija Wilson
Co-founder. CEO
Lija has over 20 years marketing experience including 8 years as the Group Director of Marketing for the Fairfax Media Marketplaces division. She made the list as one of Australia's Top 40 under 40 marketers in 2015 . She lives in Whale Beach, NSW, with husband Johnny and boys, Jack and Harry.
Mike Hill
Mike Hill
Co-founder. Product + Tech Advisor
Mike launched Holler, one of Australia’s leading digital agencies. Following a successful exit, Mike now specialises in advising and building start-ups with a focus on lean product development. When he's not under the sea spearfishing, he's hanging with wife, Kate and his boys Eddie and Ollie in Bondi, NSW.
"Audi Australia appreciates the value in a diverse workforce and is committed to supporting women in business. Partnering with Puffling's was an easy choice for us, they have been the enablers, giving us the opportunity to seamlessly accommodate internal job share requests whilst accessing their talent pool to recruit highly experienced females returning to work." - Audi, Puffling Job Share client.
Targets around more women in leadership positions?
Problem retaining top talent?
Looking for a more flexible role where life, salary and careers aren't compromised?

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