For Employers

More than 80% of Australians now want to work flexibly.
This requires organisations to really think differently about the ways to attract talent and retain their best performers. Our solutions work for organisations of any size, in any vertical.

Attract top talent

Increasingly, candidates are prioritising flexibility over other benefits. Staff retention rates also increase when greater levels of flexibility are promoted. We have candidates wanting all types of flexible work options from all skillsets, experience levels and verticals.

Increase gender diversity at senior levels

Senior Job Share teams enable you to access double the experience, problem solving and networks.

Unicorn pairs or vertical pairs can also support unique combinations of skills and balance headcount budgets for senior talent. It’s a great way to add seniority and boost productivity to your departments. We offer a unique solution with Puffling Job Pairs.

Increase productivity

Flexible work leads to greater productivity when the roles are designed around outcomes. We can help design for flexible roles in part-time or contract capacities but also recruit Job Pairs and agile teams.


“As a CEO …. and a mum, I believe flexible working is the future of employment. We’ve worked with Puffling from the beginning and now brief all of our jobs. We always find exceptionally qualified candidates who are not dealing with mainstream recruiters. Puffling makes us think differently about roles and how we bring highly skilled people into our business, ultimately giving us a competitive edge.” – Sharyn Smith, CEO Social Soup.