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Part-time can be difficult for the employee, especially in leadership roles. We work with organisations who design for flexibility, whether the role is contract, part-time, full-time flex or job share.
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We don't believe that to work flexibly you should have to trade backwards or sacrifice salary or seniority. Our employers are forward thinking, outcome focused businesses who want to attract top talent and retain their best performers in a changing employment landscape. Talk to us about our different job types including our unique Puffling Job Share pairs where to experienced candidates share a role and responsibilities.

Real flexibility

Our employers work with us because they know the quality of our candidates, whether part-time, contact, full-time flex or jobshare. Forget locking yourself in the bathroom to take work calls with the kids banding on the door or frantically scanning emails when you should be working on your side-hustle. Our employers support true flexibility and balance.

Puffling is designed for flexible job seekers

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Part time roles are hard to find. That's why Puffling works with businesses who see the value in flexible employees.

Work / life balance

Get a job with the flexibility you need, without compromising your career.

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No more pay cuts. With Puffling you get paid for your experience.

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Don't take a step backwards after maternity leave, sabbatical or time off.

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Returning to work can be daunting. It’s so much easier doing it together.

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Puffling helps you find the perfect job sharing partner that has your back

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