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Part-time can be difficult for the employee, especially in leadership roles. We work with organisations who design for flexibility, whether the role is contract, part-time, full-time flex or job share.

Progress your career

We don’t believe that to work part-time you should have to trade backwards and sacrifice salary or seniority. Job share enables businesses to have 5 day coverage, with two experienced candidates sharing a role and responsibilities. We’ve seen some amazing career Job Share teams be promoted and work successfully together for years.

Real flexibility

Our employers work with us because they know the quality of our candidates, whether for part-time or Job Share. Forget locking yourself in the bathroom to take work calls with the kids banging on the door or frantically scanning emails from the park or in the line at school pick up. True flexibility and balance.

Further develop your skills

Job sharing allows you greater problem solving abilities and collaboration. You can also partner with someone who has complimentary skills or strengths in areas that you’re looking to develop, enabling you to learn along the way and deliver more as a team.

“Taking on a job share partner means you’re really getting two brains working in a role. It’s also given us an opportunity to update our skill set and try new things. I’m learning so much from my partner.” – Jess, Puffling pair.
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