We list all types of flexible roles, including a unique take on Job Share as part of our mix.
This enables part-time candidates to 'match' and share full-time roles, based on aligned values, skills and career chemistry in their partnership, offering big benefits to businesses.

Attract Off-Market Talent

Puffling provides access to a community of experienced candidates who want to work flexibly, for a variety of reasons linked to life stage and circumstance. It's a special and unique pool of talent. Some are working parents, some are post grad students, some are members of the gig economy and others just want more balance to pursue other areas of life.

Retain Top Performers

Retention for businesses is a big problem and cost. As the demand for part-time work grows, it’s often difficult for businesses to redesign roles meaning staff burn out and resign - taking years of valuable IP with them. Puffling is a great option to help facilitate requests for scale back following parental leave or even study leave. We offer a return to work program, focused on helping organisations retain women in leadership positions.

Job Design

Roles are changing. Businesses are changing. We are passionate about providing solutions for a more agile and flexible future of work.  
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