Job Share is when two (or more) people share a full time job.
We specialise in creative job share solutions, typically at senior levels. This may include Job Splits, Vertical Pairs, Hybrid Pairs or a Pure Job Share, where you are essentially one team sharing all aspects of a full-time role.
Job Share, when done well, is an amazing way to attract and retain senior talent and deliver greater productivity and collaboration. It promotes diversity of thought as well as offering a tangible way to promote flexible work and enable great part-time roles for individual candidates.

Benefits of Job Share

Job Sharing allows employees to have the best of both worlds – to continue working in a job they love while also having dedicated time for personal activities or commitments. For businesses there are benefits too:
  • Ability to attract and retain key talent
  • Ability to utilise two sets of experience, skills, ideas and enthusiasm
  • A team that requires less management – built in support, problem solving and accountability
  • Increased productivity and employee engagement
  • Reduction in hiring costs, absenteeism and employee burn out
  • Increased gender diversity as more women (who are typically the ones requiring part time work) will have access to roles

Types of Job Share

There are a few ways that job share can work. Puffling provides matching for candidates / businesses looking for the following:
  • Job Share team Everything is shared and the team operate as one
  • Hybrid team The pair have complimentary skills and together can deliver a broader range of tasks
  • Vertical team The pair includes one person who is the line manager of the other

Who can Job Share?

For a Job Share team to succeed both parties need to be on the same page from the beginning – they need to be compatible. And just like any relationship, job share teams need to be good at communication and collaboration. The most successful job share teams finish each other's sentences and are aligned with what they want from their careers. If you're competitive and love the limelight, then job sharing might not be for you.

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Common questions

I'm wanting to work part-time or with some flex, but I don't want to job share. Is Puffling for me ? Yes. We work for anyone wanting flexible work. However, if you ARE wanting part-time, considering a full-time role with the right job share partner may open up more options and a more senior role at a higher salary.
I am interested in job share but I don't have a partner. What happens now ? You can sign up to Puffling and find a partner or you can look at roles of interest and discover others who also are interested in the role and may want to job share. It's up to you. YOU are the one to work with a partner, so you have to find the right match and feel comfortable that you both have the same career values and alignment in working style.
I've got a job share partner, can we both register. Absolutely, if you have job shared before or have a partner you already know, you can both register with us and we can contact companies we work with to discuss your backgrounds and look for the right fit.
How do we manage handovers? We'll guide you with how to discuss and plan for this, but with tools and technology plus a mature, experienced pair of good communicators, handovers can be relatively simple to plan and manage. It IS however something to work through upfront, ideally before you even interview together so that you are not spending time at work catching up and you can instead both focus on delivering, enjoying your career and then getting home to what's important in your life - family, friends, fun, study time, exercise, a passion project, starting a few business or whatever it is that makes work/life balance important to you !
I can't find a role that matches my ideal job and skillset on Puffling. We're working really hard to expand. Flexible work is gaining more attention and is more widely available but we're working hard in the market every day to tell the Puffling story, promote our amazing candidates and educate hiring managers and talent teams on the benefits of unique job share arrangements. We're also always grateful for introductions, so if you know any HR teams or CEO's or have worked somewhere with great flexibility options, please intro us !
I want some more resources. Can you help? We understand returning to work can be overwhelming after some time off. We're wanting to expand our resources so we're always up for hearing about what you need and what kinds of resources would help you - whether it's updating a CV, accessing career advice and coaching, hearing about new courses or options to reskill, services to help juggle at home or connecting with great content in areas of interest.

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